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Functional Medicine: What It Is and How It Benefits Us?

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What is functional medicine? What is the rationale behind its popularity? How can patients benefit from it? If you want to know more about it, check out and read more!.

Today, there are lots of individuals out there who sought alternative medical care and healing techniques because they are afraid of the side-effects caused by various chemicals. One of the alternative method widely known to many is the functional medicine.

What Functional Medicine Is?

Functional medicine is an alternative medical and holistic method of treating patients. It treats patients not only physically but also spiritually and emotionally. This treatment option is unique because it believes that a person in unique with distinct biochemistry. In here, functional medicine experts analyze and explore on the lifestyles of patients and formulate diet and treatment plan to cure whatever ailments they have, thus it is personalized. It is based on the belief and philosophy that the dynamic balance of a person’s external and internal factors exists and illnesses and diseases occur whenever there is an imbalance of these factors. This method helps the body in achieving optimal functional state as well as removing whatever elements that hamper its effort in achieving that optimal physiology. Studies show that 90% of a person’s illnesses and diseases are caused by the imbalance of the core fundamental systems like mind and body, energy metabolism, detoxification, digestion, immune function, hormones, and nutrition. It is based on the guiding principle of reinstating vitality and health of a person. Functional medicine is totally different to that of the traditional medicine because it explores and delves to the root causes of ailments and diseases and create customize treatment plans to address the problem that its roots instead of the disease itself.

Functional medicine is deemed as the future of the medical world because it holds the answer to various health challenges, where traditional treatments fail considerably. For these reasons, there are lots of physicians nowadays who practice functional medicine in curing the ailments and disease of patients. Some of the diseases cured by functional medicine include allergies, migraines, mental depression, insomnia, vertigo, and etc.

If you are among those who suffered from particular ailments and diseases for quite some time, then it is never too late for you to try functional medicine. Be sure to conduct prior research to know the reputable, experienced, accredited, and established doctors who practiced functional medicine. See more from this functional medicine Chicago, learn more!

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